Whatever you like there is something for you at Lowlands Club.

Discos take your fancy? Dust off those dance shoes and set the floor alight. There are always two discos a year.

How about Jazz? Does sitting at a candlelit table listening to jazz singers, and jazz bands sound good?

There are always live bands at the club playing a variety of music from rock and roll to blues, soul and modern songs. We have even had a Swing Band.

Tribute singers like Frank Sinatra might whet your appetite.

Apart from live music what else does the club offer? Well, we have a four course dinner with waitress service and entertainment. Excellent quality and value.

Nobody likes to lose money at gambling but you don’t lose anything if you come to our Casino Night. Roulette, Black Jack and Poker with fun money and prizes for the three people who win the most

Do you like quizzes? We have four or five of these a year. Good fun, cheap and an excellent way to test your brain cells!Some with fish and chip supper.

Christmas and New Year spent at the club are a must. Lively, friendly and great atmosphere.

What about the cost? Apart from the meal everything is less than £12, some as low as £3 !!

So, see you soon at the club.