A night of high drama at Whitefriars resulted in Lowlands A winning the Summer League (George Walsh Trophy) by a massive 6 points despite only winning their match 3-2. Lowlands B who played 9 different players in the tournament finished in a four way tie for second spot, which is quite frankly, beyond our wildest dreams, however on count back finished in 5th place.

George and Navin after the four singles were 2-2, and in the final doubles were 2-2 in games, and 9-9 in points, had the next 2 points gone our way we would have been runners up on our own, Carl O’Connor (gets training from Radovan!!) and Terun Desai were strong opponents and George’s victory over Carl stopped his 100% average.

The photograph shows Yanu and Radovan celebrating (before they sneaked off for a quick and well deserved Heineken). It has been said that Yanu carried Radovan throughout the tournament so one more time would make no difference!! In truth it was a superb team effort with Marek playing just once but winning both his games. Yanu has to be singled out for winning 23 of his 24 games, and Radovan as always was a great captain and chose his team wisely.

Practice will now take place at Lowlands on both Mondays and Wednesdays and there is a whats app group to which you can be added, although I would hope that members will be attending on both evenings anyway.

Superb effort from Lowlands members renewing their TTE membership but if you have not done so please take this as a final reminder, August the 1st was the due date!!!!