There is a thriving table tennis section at Lowlands Club.

There is a thriving TT section at Lowlands Club.

Please note as Lowlands is a private members’ club, it is not possible to book a table for play as a member of the general public. An existing member can invite a guest to play. There is a small visitor fee payable (currently £3 per player per session). Up to four visits are possible at which point the visitor must make a decision whether to become a member.


League TT and matches

Lowlands is a member club of the local Wembley & Harrow Table Tennis League. Please visit for more details. You can view the progress of our teams without a log on.

The 2023/24 winter league season will commence in early October 2023. The winter league season runs from October to the end of March. Lowlands are one of the largest contributors of teams to the league. With the exception of Division 1 we are likely to have teams competing in every division. Home matches take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings starting at 7.30 pm. Away matches take place Monday through to Friday evening depending on the venue. New League level players interested in a team place with Lowlands are invited to make contact using the contact details given below.

The hall at Lowlands provides excellent playing conditions for competitive match play, practice and social table tennis with space for up to three tables set out at league team practice sessions.


Lowlands TT Membership category - TT League players only

This category of membership is for League level players who wish to play competitively.

Lowlands TT league teams are generally concluded in August for the winter league season. However we welcome new players including Juniors to the club throughout the year. You are likely to have already had TT league experience elsewhere or can clearly demonstrate this level of play. New juniors who may have already been coached and can compete at league level have the opportunity to progress in Lowlands teams in the League.

If you are interested in a Lowlands (League) TT membership please email [email protected] setting out details of your playing level, duration and experience (Club, League division etc).Your email will be forwarded  in the first instance to Geraint Hughes, the Club’s Volunteer TT lead who will be in touch with you to discuss and arrange a visit to one of the team practice sessions.

Lowlands Social membership category (including TT)

The TT facility is also available at Lowlands via Social membership of the Club. This category of membership is for members who wish to play TT socially. Upon membership Social members who wish to play TT are included in the Club’s TT affinity group which offers a good way to help find a playing partner. If you are interested in a Lowlands Social membership and have a particular interest in the TT facility please email [email protected]

Note: Social membership can be converted later to TT League membership for players who following assessment, reach the standard of play required for League and wish to play competitively. Tennis members are automatically Social members.

Important note for all TT or Social members

Please note that the hall where table tennis is played is a multi-functional facility which may result in limited times for TT league team practice or to play social TT. When looking for a time to play, all members should follow the simple TT booking process below.

TT Coaching

Table tennis coaching mainly for Juniors is available through Mitchell Jones, a qualified UKCC level 2 lead coach who books space in the hall for coaching sessions. As a player, Mitchell achieved a top 8 England junior ranking and top 30 senior ranking and has worked alongside a number of international coaches. For further details contact Mitchell on 07860 777767 or email: [email protected] for more information. Please note coaching sessions are arranged directly with Mitchell.

Social Events

All members are encouraged to participate in a wide range of social events which the Club organises.

Guide for Members only - How to Book a TT session

All Club members must pre-book a table tennis session. It is not permitted to use the TT facilities without a booking. Follow these simple steps:-

  1. Refer to the Social/Events Calendar on the Lowlands website at  to check whether the hall is available for TT. Please note that the calendar does not show TT bookings except League matches and the Junior coaching session on Thursdays. Therefore the calendar may indicate that the hall is free but it may occasionally be unavailable due to other TT bookings. Friday morning and Sunday morning TT sessions are reserved for TT league players only and to welcome and assess potential new League players.
  1. Send a WhatsApp message using the TT league or TT Affinity Group (for Social members).

Details required are:-

- Full names of ALL members (and any visitors) playing in the session

- Day and date of booking request

- Your approximate start and finish time to allow fair usage. Please give reasonable notice for bookings, preferably at least 24 hours.

Please note requests for TT bookings made using the email address [email protected] will not be responded to.

  1. Our two match tables are reserved for use in League matches or league team practice only - Social members must only use the practice (labelled) TT table unless otherwise advised.
  2. At the end of your session, table(s) and nets MUST be returned to the storeroom unless otherwise advised. All TT players must take responsibility for the care of equipment and tidy storage. The hall is multifunctional - table tennis players must ensure that the hall is left tidy for the next hall users.




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