Dear All,

A big thank you to all who entered our Summer Club Championships and we hope all involved enjoy the tennis.

Please find below the link to the draws for these events:

Men’s Singles (Event Referee: Janice)
Ladies’ Singles (Event Referee: Mary L)
Men’s Doubles (Event Referee: Sue H)
Ladies’ Doubles (Event Referee: Simon)
Mixed Doubles (Event Referee: Alex P)
Junior Boys Open Singles (Event Referee: Neville)
Junior Girls Open Singles (Event Referee: Neville)
Vets Men’s Singles (Event Referee: Janice)
Vets Men’s Doubles (Event Referee: Sue H)
Vets Ladies’ Doubles (Event Referee: John O’C)
Vets Mixed Doubles (Event Referee: Alex W)

The draws will be pinned up on the tennis noticeboard so please write in the winners of each match on the draw sheet (no need to put the score!).

Adult matches shall be best of three sets. There shall be a tie break at 6-6 to 7 points (2 clear) in every set, including all final sets. For Juniors only, the final set will be a Championship Tie-Break to 10 points (2 clear).

Round 1 to be played by End June – 30/06/24
Men’s Singles Only – Round 1 by 15/06/24; Round 2 by 30/06/24
Quarter-Finals to be played by End July – 31/07/24
Semi-Finals to be played by End August – 31/08/24
Finals to be played on 7th September – 07/09/24

Please use the special tournament e-mail address 
[email protected] for your any communication about the tournament.

Best wishes, Janice and Sue