The draw for the summer tournament has now been published.

The draw is now live and has been placed on the noticeboard and on the LTA website  – Please click here to follow the link. 

Please start arranging your matches as soon as possible. Play by dates for all rounds are as follows:

R2 – 12th July

QF – 6th August

SF – 20th August

Please contact your opponents and organise ASAP don’t wait for the play by date. to avoid any further walkovers being awarded.

Please make contact with your opponents as soon as possible to arrange the matches. Contact details for all members taking part can be found here: Contact Details

If you are having trouble organising this, please contact your tournament referee early to notify them of the efforts made. The referees for each tournament are listed below::

Mens Singles – Sue Garland

Ladies Singles – Mike Askew

Mens Doubles – Mary Long

Ladies Doubles – Mike Askew

Mixed Doubles – Simon Gibaut

Vets Mens Singles – Rosey Knight

Vets Ladies Doubles – Mike Askew

Vets Mens Doubles – Debbie O’Brien

Vets Mixed Doubles – Sue Garland

Submit your results by using the dedicated tournament email address: [email protected] – [email protected] this comes straight to me and is by far the best means of contacting me for tournament matters, if you text me it is likely I’ll forget.

Alex Porter

Tournament Director