Finals Day returned to Lowlands on 4th September. Everyone who came down enjoyed some high quality tennis throughout the day and of course the traditional BBQ and cake stall. Many thanks to everyone who helped on the day and Martin for organising the tournament. Pictures from the day can be found on the Lowlands Facebook page.

The  successful finalists were:

Men’s singles: Kojo Owusu-Addo

Ladies singles: Nic Gunby

Men’s doubles: Rob Gradwell and Alex Porter

Ladies Doubles: Hazel Elliot and Mary Long

Mixed doubles: Nic Gunby and John O’Connell

Men’s vets singles: John O’Connell

Men’s vets doubles: Mike Askew and John O’Connell

Ladies vets doubles: Hazel Elliot and Mary Long

Mixed vets doubles: John O’Connell and Mary Long

David Knight

Tennis Captain

Tournament Rules

FINALS DAY – Saturday 4th September 2021
BACK-UP FINALS DAY -Sunday 5th September 2021

1. Tournament Officials & Entry Rules
1.1. The Tournament Committee shall be comprised of Tournament Director / Referee & Tennis Captain
1.2. Entries
1.2.1. All entries to the Tournament shall be made directly by the individuals concerned by completion of the
entry list on the notice board or by email to by the stated Closing Date.
1.2.2. Entries which are communicated verbally will NOT be accepted.
1.2.3. All entries to doubles events must state the names of partners. If you wish to enter doubles events but
have no partner, please make this clear and we will attempt to pair you with someone.
1.2.4. The Tournament Committee shall decide the Seeding in each event
1.2.5. Although Late entries can be accepted in extenuating circumstances (eg New membership), entries shall
not be accepted, nor doubles partnerships altered, once the Tournament Draw has been made
1.2.6. To qualify for the Veteran’s events, women must be 40 years old and men 45 years old by 1 January this
1.2.7 We do not wish to restrict the number of events members can enter, however, for Scheduling reasons, no
player may play in more than 4 Finals on Finals Day. If this appears possible, the player must choose which
event they would like to withdraw from, before completing the semi final matches. If no decision is made then
the player will be asked to withdraw from the last played semi final.
1.3. Referees Decisions
1.3.1. Each Event shall be provided with a neutral Referee who will be responsible for ensuring that deadlines
are maintained and impartial decisions made regarding disputes.
1.3.2. The Tournament Referee may arbitrate in complex circumstances and shall retain right to overrule in
1.3.3. By entering an Event, all entrants agree that they are available to play on the CLUB FINALS DAY and the
back-up day. If a player(s) become unavailable for Finals Day and the back-up day, after the draw is made, they
must notify the relevant Tournament Referee and withdraw immediately
1.3.4. If a player develops an injury which stops them playing by the round end date or allowed extension
(including Finals Day), they must withdraw
1.3.5. If players arrange to go on holiday during the tournament, they must attempt to organise and play their matches BEFORE they depart.

2. Organising Matches
2.1. Both parties are responsible for arranging matches but whom ever starts the process should offer three dates
(at least one to include a weekend between 9 AM – 7 PM – see Court Schedule) within the allotted deadline.
2.2. If an agreed date cannot be reached, then the matter must be submitted to the relevant Referee BEFORE the
deadline expirers with suitable evidence of communications between parties.
2.3. At the referees discretion the deadline can be extended by 1 week due to justifiable reasons (eg Work
Commitments, mutual unavailability etc..)
2.4. The Tournament Referee reserves the right to scratch any player/pair he considers to have acted in breach of
2.5. The court surface of all matches shall be decided by agreement between the players in each match or, failing
agreement, by toss of a coin.
3. Match Rules
3.1. Each Match shall be best of three sets. There shall be a tiebreak at 6-6 in every set, including all Final Sets.
3.2. If a player cancels a match appointment without giving at least 12 hours notice , he will be deemed to have lost
the match. However, a match CAN be cancelled at less than 24 hours notice due to bad weather conditions and by
mutual agreement or due to extenuating circumstances.
3.3. If a player retires during a match, he will be deemed to have lost the match
3.4. If a match has to abandoned (e.g. due to bad weather, loss of court availability), then the match must be
replayed in its entirety, unless at least the first set has been completed, in which case the match shall proceed from
the point when it was halted.
3.5. If a player is more than 30 minutes late for his match appointment, he will be deemed to have lost the 1st set
and after 45 min, the whole match
3.6. All Results must be via email to
3.7. Apart from the circumstances described in Rule 3.7 above, immediately a participant in the Tournament
becomes aware that they will be unavailable on Finals Day, they shall scratch from all Events in which they are
entered, and communicate this both to their opponents and to the Tournament Committee at the earliest
3.8. Subject to their availability, as many Finals as possible shall be presided over by members who volunteer to act as umpires; in the event of a dispute, any decisions made by such Volunteer Umpires must be abided by.